A full spectrum of integrated services at one convenient location



Our BioSound system gives us a proven platform to coach coherency competency and to teach mindfulness.  Our Bio&Neuro program integrates counseling and real life application with quantifiable progress metrics.



The HH focuses on person-centered, cognitive behavioral talk therapy.  Techniques include: solution-focus, motivational interviews, lifeskills, and family systems.

Infrared Sauna

With a Solo System sauna, you will truly sweat from the core.  Far-Infrared therapy produces heat that warms the body's cells faster than air, steam, or exercise --> Great for ridding anxiety, toxins, inflammation, and stress!



We have high-grade nutraceuticals and essential oils available that offer natural systemic support for healthy neuroactivity.  Pure supplements from industry leaders:  XymogenNeriumDoTerra 

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Walk-ins for Lab Work and/or Drug Screenings are accommodated during Monday through Friday business hours.  Please call ahead to coordinate any Genetic Testing through GenoMind. 



All active clients have access to our complementary fitness and yoga facilities for individual use during available hours of operation. Guided Personal Training, Yoga, and Massage Therapy sessions are fee-for-service and are available by request.   


The Healing House has forever changed my life. For years I suffered with migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, and stress with no relief in sight. Each day was more difficult, relationships were strained, and working was impossible. As fate would have it, my husband visited the The HH facility and recommended that I check out the good vibes he got. The unique THRIVE program with a holistic, full-body approach was designed exactly for my needs. Over the course of several weeks, I finally felt relief. Counseling taught me to combat my anxiety with several calming techniques including EFT tapping. Guided Yoga kept my stress under control and made me grounded enough to rebuild my energy and strength. Most importantly, what makes The Healing House special was the professional and supportive team. I couldn’t have asked for better people to assist me on the road to recovery. Thank you Healing House!
— April C