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The Healing House

Delivering alternative mental health and psychiatric care for treatment-resistant cases of depression, anxiety, addiction, and emotional trauma

Our dedicated team of specialists, with over 35 years of experience serving the Central Florida community, collaborates to develop an individualized care regime for each client.  We integrate proven best care practices in all things mental health and ensure a standard of care that drives results where other treatment options alone have fallen short.


We specialize in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which is a non-pharmaceutical alternative therapy that is FDA-approved for treating depression without side effects. Repetitive magnetic pulsing can both stimulate and regulate neural activity in the brain which allows us to optimize overall brain function for a variety of conditions using TMS.  


Our psychiatric services maintain a focus on managing and modifying medication regimes rather than pushing drug therapy excessively.  Our physicians are empowered to spend time with our clients to ensure an appropriately thorough medical assessment during every session.  Each of our MDs is also certified in NeuroStar TMS Therapy.  

Holistic care

We have a variety of holistic wellness services that expand our spectrum of care and that are structured at different levels of intensity to accommodate different needs.  Our Psychotherapy expertise, Bio&Neuro program, and Nutraceuticals support are a good place to start with care and are also available to support any TMS Therapy or Psychiatric services.

A Firm Commitment To:

✓Best practices in all things mental health

✓Care affordability & accessibility 

✓Results with minimal drug therapy

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