'10 Nutritional Deficiencies That May Cause Depression'

Depression is a multifaceted condition that has many underlying and contributing factors. Medication plays an important role in addressing neurotransmitters and brain chemistry. However, this is usually a tertiary, symptom-based response that alleviates the condition while overlooking what systemic lifestyle changes should first be made. For instance, a consistent commitment to proper nutrition can help reduce inflammation in the brain which allows for optimal neurotransmitter activity. There is more and more research linking inflammation to depression, specifically.  

So before correcting symptoms with synthetic pharmaceuticals, make sure your body has the right nutrients by looking at diet and dietary supplements like high-grade nutraceuticals.  This lifestyle focus will help with healthy gut flora and overall inflammation in the body and brain.  You absolutely cannot underestimate the importance of fueling your body with powerful vitamins and minerals.  There are many second-level forms of mental health care that ultimately need to be explored, but this is a vital starting point. The Healing House offers XymogenNerium and DoTerra products which provide the highest quality nutraceuticals.  We additionally offer guidance to our clients by specifically looking how these high-potency products can alleviate the symptoms of mental illness, no matter the stage.  

Check out the following article from EveryDayHealth.com to see what the most common nutritional deficiencies are when addressing healthy neurochemistry: