The Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Mindfulness And Meditation

Mindfulness, which comes by way of meditation, is not just a practice for yogis and monks. In this increasingly stressful and demanding world, you might find yourself rushing to finish necessary daily tasks and, in the process, losing connectedness with the present moment.

For those of you like me who have a great deal of difficulty quieting your mind and being in the moment, meditation offers a solution. The article below helps outline how we are now using science to better integrate the practice of meditation.  As we quantify the effectiveness of meditation by measuring brain waves and with keeping regular metrics, we begin to observe exactly how it can benefit the symptoms of conditions like depression and anxiety. Even financial institutions like Bank of America and tech giants like Google are now offering meditation to their employees in order to take advantage of the application it has for overall cognitive function and performance enhancement.  

A great segue to learn meditation techniques would be to try something like Neurofeedback which we offer at The Healing House. No matter how much we talk or read about the importance, learning meditation techniques and practicing mindfulness can be challenging. Using a platform like Neurofeedback allows a trained provider to help you integrate what skills you are able learn and develop into your daily routine.