TBT: From Detention to Mindful Moments

When the kids come down here, they’re all rowdy and goofing around. When they leave the room, they’re peaceful and quiet and ready to do their work.
— Dacari, third-grader at Robert W. Coleman Elementary
  • Children are benefiting by learning better self-control, confidence, problem management, and coping skills through mindful practices such as yoga/exercise, controlled breath work, and guided meditation each day.
  • Trained professionals from the non-profit organization Holistic Life Foundation have teamed up with Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore to bring these helpful services to children who are often overly-impulsive and seem to live in a constant state of alarm due to high-stress situations going on at home.
The day at Coleman starts with a breathing exercise over the PA system and ends with an after-school program where, in addition to sports and tutoring, students can learn yoga. All day, staffers guide students through breathing and other centering exercises in the Mindful Moment room. And it’s working: In the 2013–14 school year, Coleman had zero suspensions.
— Elyse Moody (from Oprah.com)
  • Instead of being suspended, teachers can send disruptive students to "the Mindful Moment Room" to wind down and meditate. Here, they are enabled to refocus and redirect negative energy like anger, stress, and frustration into something positive.


  • This also avoids problems that might occur when a suspended child is sent back home, often to an unpleasant environment at home in low-income neighborhoods in the Baltimore area. Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in America, according to the FBI.
  • These kids are getting so excited about what they are learning that they are taking the knowledge home and sharing it with their parents/caretakers and siblings!
  • Other schools, such as Patterson High School on the other side of Baltimore, are recognizing improvements in the children and their overall education experience.  Parents are catching on too, looking to integrate these techniques at home and to get the whole family involved!

Here at The Healing House, we highly encourage families to get their children involved in mindful meditation and yoga! Many experiences can be turned into a learning experience for your child, and teaching them to be mindful of every moment can have lasting effects that will help them grow up to become healthy, THRIVING adults!


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