Wellness Wednesday: Probiotics

Evidence from clinical research demonstrates that adding ‘good’ bacteria to the diet promotes a healthy digestive and immune system.
— Dr. Allan Walker, Professor of Nutrition and Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School


🔅  Bacteria converts complex carbohydrates in our diet into fatty acids butyrate, acetate and propionate. Butyrate leaves the gut to cross the blood brain barrier where it influences and suppresses the levels of BDNF. 

🔅  Reduced levels of BDNF are correlated with impaired cognitive function and depression. 

🔅 Consuming probiotics aids in producing a sustainable environment for healthy gut bacteria.

🔅 Foods with probiotics: kombucha, yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, dark chocolate, miso soup, to name a few...!


More and more research is indicating that gut health is related to inflammation in the brain which can cause or contribute to the symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses. Protect that microbiome for preventative mental health!


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