HH Services: Nutrition & Psychiatry

Dr. Rebecca Carey began looking into nutritional factors when her son, Mark,  was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten:  

⇰ She found that milk, sugar, and artificial food additives made her son's symptoms worse. 


⇰ Dr. Carey found that the research was there to support her observations.  Ohio State University, for example, found that the addition of fatty acid supplements, such as omega-3 supplements, significantly improved the symptoms of ADHD. 


⇰Dr. Carey worked with a specialist and effectively reduced Mark's medication regime while still offering him the support he needed. 

It shouldn't be a surprise that malnutrition negatively affects mental clarity and performance.  But for some reason, it is usually an afterthought and does not get recommended as a form of primary care.  The good thing is that the right foods and concentrated supplements can be used for healing as well.  Integrative psychiatrists implement a focus on nutrition along with meds for more comprehensive care.  Without the understanding of this interplay, medications are often only masking symptoms.  


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