This Weekend in Orlando: Late-Registration Activities

Fiddler's Green 5K

  • When: March 4, 7:30am
  • Where: Mead Gardens through Winter Park
  • Individual Registration: $35, Online Registration
  • Buzz: Scenic route, Stop by Fidler's Pub afterwards 

Smile Mile

  • When: March 4, 8:00am
  • Where: Upper Blue Jacket Park
  • Individual Registration: $11, Online Registration
  • Buzz: Fun&Fitness for the kids with Miles the Bunny, put on by TrackShack

Fight for Air

  • When: March 4, 8:00am
  • Where: Bank of America Center Building downtown Orlando
  • Individual Registration: $25 Registration, $100 Climb Fee, Online Registration
  • Buzz: Running, Walking, Climbing for Lung Cancer

Divas and Dudes

  • When: March 5, 7:30am
  • Where: Osprey Park in Hunter's Creek
  • Individual Registration: $35, On-Site (Online Registration Closed)
  • Buzz: Summer Youth Mission Work in North Carolina