Happy Friday: Different Yoga Practices to Try


👣  Yogis' hold each post for a few breaths. 

 ➵  Individuals it is great for: Beginners because of the slow pace. 

➵  Locations in Orlando: Orlando Power Yoga, The Yoga Shala, Guruv Yoga, and more!


👣  Quick pace yoga that connects breath and movement. 

➵  Individuals it is great for: People that enjoy intense workouts and are endurance athletes such as runners. 

➵ Locations in Orlando: College Park Yoga, Inspirit Yoga Studio, Orlando Power Yoga, and more!

Hot Yoga

👣  Room is heated between 92-105 degrees Fahrenheit.

➵ The heat will make it easier to move deeper into poses, but make sure you do not overstretch and push yourself. 

➵  Individuals it is great for: Yogis that enjoy a hardcore sweat. 

➵  Locations in Orlando: Warrior ONE Yoga & Spin, Bikram Yoga West Orlando, Orlando Power Yoga, and more!


👣  Repetitive physical exercise coupled with intense breath work - while also chanting, singing, and meditating. Kundalini incorporates meditation and spiritual energy into yoga.

 ➵  Individuals it is great for: Those who are seeking something more than a workout. 

➵ Locations in Orlando: Project 7 Yoga & The Kundalini Yoga Center

Yin Yoga

👣  Yin Yoga targets you deeper connective tissue and fascia, restoring length and elasticity. 

➵ Individuals it is great for: People who need to stretch and unwind.

➵ Locations in Orlando: Inspirit Yoga Studio, Orlando Power Yoga, Warrior ONE, and more!


👣  A slow-moving practice that gives yogis a deeper relaxation experience. 

➵ Individuals it is great for: Everyone. Great for individuals experiencing insomnia or who struggle with anxiety. Restorative Yoga is great for  athletes on recovery days.

➵ Locations in Orlando: Shine On Yoga, Elevate Yoga, and more!

Aerial Yoga

👣  Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and deepening your practice. Suspended yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal and shoulder flexibility. 

➵   Individuals it is great for: Individuals that would like to strengthen joints. 

➵  Locations in Orlando : Elevate Yoga Center & Aerial Fitness Center 



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