HH Services: BCM-95

The search for safe, yet effective antidepressants has encouraged exploration into the plant kingdom.
— DolCas BioTech, LLC

BCM-95® is Arjuna's patented formulation and is manufactured by combining Curcumin and Ar-turmerone, the essential oil of turmeric. While other bio available turmeric extracts use various synthetic additives to enhance bio-availability, the therapeutic benefits of turmeric can only be maximized by combining curcumin with Ar turmerone.  This is why BCM-95® is used to formulate Xymogen's Curcuplex-95.


What is in BCM-95?

🌿   100% pure extract of curcumin & essential oils

🌿   Curcumin is an extract from tumeric 

🌿  Tumeric, which is in the same family as ginger, is a root that is used to make spices such as curry. 


What does BCM-95 help with?

🌿   Inflammation

🌿   Cognitive function

🌿   Oxidation

🌿  Atypical depression


What have studies shown about BCM-95?

🌿   50% reduction in depressive symptoms after 12 weeks.  

🌿   Individuals with atypical depression display the biggest response to the treatment. Why is this? Individuals with atypical depression have high inflammatory throughout their body. 

🌿  500 mg a day is just as effective as 1000 mg a day. 

🌿  BCM-95 did not affect medications that participants were already on. 


Many of our clients take Xymogen's Curcuplex-95 as an anti-inflammatory supplement for depression.  

And what is great is that there is now hard science behind natural plant extracts like turmeric root.  Companies like Xymogen are investing great efforts into research and development for these types of products in order to ensure top-notch production and quality control.   This gives a whole new legitimacy to the efficacy of supplements, and it is also leveling the playing field when it comes to comparative analysis between plant extracts as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.  


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