HH Services: Are You Approaching Gratitude the Right Way?

Is there a problem with how we are perceiving gratitude? John Monterosso, Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience at the University of Southern California and the author of "The Trouble With Gratitude" says that people can achieve better sustained gratitude by working on their very perception of it.

Monterosso claims that sustained gratitude's best sources are ultimately: 

1) focusing on interpersonal relationships and

2) a Mindful awareness of the moment

We regularly focus on identifying sources of gratitude in our Counseling and Biofeedback services at The HH.  And our providers will tell you that it's almost equally important to learn how to forgive yourself for 'not feeling grateful enough', which is another point that this article touched on.  Apparently practicing gratitude, like anything else, can be a process.   


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