HH Services: TMS Therapy is Proven

TMS Therapy is the most effective treatment on the market for depression.  With over double the effectiveness of any antidepressant on the market and virtually no side effects, it is a much more viable option than drug therapy, plus you can remain on the medications that work both during and after care as directed by your supervising psychiatric physician.  TMS Therapy is non-invasive and requires no anesthetics like ECT.  Nearly half of the patients that participated in the FDA-approved clinical studies achieved full remission from Major depressive disorder, and over 75% responded significantly!  The research and clinical delivery is now proven for this cutting-edge treatment option 📚 🔢 ☑️ 

TMS Therapy is...

✔️  FDA cleared for depression

✔️  Non-drug treatment

✔️  Non-invasive

✔️  No side effects like with drugs

✔️  Long lasting symptom relief

✔️  Has delivered over 1 million treatments



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