Infrared Sauna Therapy πŸ’¦

Help your body by getting your sweat on! Infrared technology has been around for decades, but it became a household name after appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2009.  It is commonly used in European countries, and Far-Infrared technology has been linked to improved symptoms from chronic forms of: depression and anxiety, joint and muscle pain, inflammation and fatigue, high blood pressure, and more!


Far-Infrared is especially beneficial for individuals suffering from Chronic Illness because it is a passive therapy and does not cause the patient to strain or put forth too much energy.  Often too weak to exert physically due to the very nature of their condition, patients with chronic illness will go months or even years without properly sweating which limits this essential detoxification pathway.  Just 20-30 minutes of the Infrared Sauna will simulate the detox benefits of an entire workout!  It is recommended to consult with a trusted provider before new forms of detoxing are worked into a care regime, so stop by The Healing House to learn more about an integrative approach with our Infrared Sauna. 


β€œTraditional saunas cause your body to sweat out toxins. Infrared saunas not only flush out toxins more effectively, they also help your cells and tissues regenerate and support your immune system, which is why I recommend them to my patients.” 

-Dr. Amy Myers

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