The Art of Meditation Has Many Benefits

Summary of MindBodyGreen's Benefits List:

1. Meditation is a game-changer for depression and anxiety

2. You can tackle inflammation by calming your mind

3. Mindfulness can transform your sex life

4. Going inward increases gray matter in the brain

5. Lovingkindness meditation will widen your social circle

6. You can meditate to ease physical pain

7. Being more present helps fight addiction and substance abuse issues

8. Meditation will keep you young

9. Just a little bit can boost your immune function

10. Mindfulness can increase your concentration

11. It can make you a more compassionate person

12. Meditation can improve your career

13. It's possible to lower your blood pressure with mindfulness

14. Stress reduction can improve your digestion

15. Mindfulness groups help improve sleep and fight insomnia

Charlie Knoles has been meditating his entire life. In this comprehensive talk, he debunks the biggest myths about meditation and why everyone is capable of meditating.