TMS Therapy for Addiction

Check out some great brain imaging as it relates to the circuitry of addiction: 

via National Geographic

Brain 2.png
Normal 6.png

National Geographic magazine did a recent cover story on 'How Science Is Unlocking the Secrets of Addiction' in its September 2017 issue. It is a very interesting article and discusses how clinical neuroscientists analyze brain imaging to specifically target faulty reward circuits when someone is dealing with addiction. The coolest part about this mainstream public service announcement is that it focused on TMS Therapy as the treatment that can best help correct this 'highjacking of neural pathways'.

TMS Therapy is still considered off-label when it comes to treating substance abuse, but as this article indicates, it can be a highly effective form of care. At The HH, we often will target the underlying depression that is inherent with many post-detox addiction cases and have additional off-label protocols available as well to focus more heavily on treating the brain's dopamine receptors specifically. Fascinating stuff and a great spotlight on what is becoming proven alternative care for the disease of addiction ️