Psycho-Acoustic Medicine 🎧

The science of sound is continually being explored more in depth as people look for new therapies to impact the mind and body. Studies on binaural beats examine the processes in which the brain obtains new information and controls mood, sleep, and healing responses.


If (someone) wants to relax and de-stress, listening to a binaural beat that produces alpha brainwaves (between 8 and 14 Hz) (will produce) more serotonin as well as more endorphins. This (helps) to reduce physical and emotional pain (while) increasing the feelings of relaxation and happiness...also helping to improve learning abilities.
— Lance Schuttler

1 Hour of Delta Wave Deep Sleep Meditation Music for deep relaxation and sleep

The binural designation of Binural Beats indicates that one ear is listening to a frequency that is significantly higher than what the other ear experiences.  The variation of these sound and frequency inputs can actually modify brain function which allows for therapeutic application. That is, particular frequencies, sounds, and music can lead to experiencing certain feelings and emotions depending on the neurotransmitter that is being stimulated. While some of these vibrations will make us more likely to feel at ease or with less anxiety/hyperactivity (alpha waves), other frequencies will actually cause the body to experience stress (GAMMA WAVES) from the biochemical release of something like cortisol.  


*headphones must be worn to hear the distinct frequencies*


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