Wellness Wednesday: Mind Up with Goldie Hawn


  • The program MindUP used by the The Hawn Foundation, established in 2003,  is used to create more focused, optimistic, resilient, and mindful individuals. 
  • MindUP teaches children how their brain works so they are more aware of their behaviors.
  • Children take "mind breaks" in which children meditate for 3 minutes at the beginning of the school day, after lunch, and before leaving school for the day. 
  • Children that used the MindUP program for 4 months had 15% better math scores, 24% more social behavior, were 24% less aggressive, and perceived themselves as 20% more prosocial compared to children that did not use MindUP (Oaklander, 2015). 
The science of neuroplasticity states that as little as 15 minutes of mindful practice each week can change the physiology of the brain and facilitate access to calm and relaxed concentration. Think of this as exercising the brain like a muscle, it improves a child’s ability to have plan, work and focus on their school work.
— MindUP.org


The brain is like a computer and needs maintenance.  Programs like Mind Up and platforms like Biofeedback are proactive system maintenance that help sustain overall function, while medications and procedures like TMS Therapy are hardware maintenance once adjustments are required.


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