HH Services: 3000 Pulses Later with Martha Rhodes

It’s almost like the reinvention of Martha. And that’s a great feeling.
— Martha Rhodes, Author of 3000 Pulses Later

 ▪️  In 2009 Martha Rhodes discovered TMS Therapy as a treatment option for depression.

 ▪️  After going through 6 weeks of treatment, Rhodes was able to successfully achieve full remission from what had been a very treatment-resistant case of Major Depressive Disorder prior to that.

 ▪️ In her autobiography, 3000 Pulses Later, Rhodes talks about her experience before and after completing TMS Therapy and specifically about her remarkable turnaround as a result of this treatment.

3,000 pulses to the left prefrontal cortex is the best treatment going for depression.  Double the effectiveness of any antidepressant on the market with no side effects other than mild scalp discomfort!  Plus, you can stay on the meds that work well for you.  We are grateful for champions of this therapy like Martha!


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