alternative care for pain

Wellness Wednesday: Wellness Guidelines for Pain

New non-drug guidelines have been released by The American College of Physicians for chronic or recurring back pain. And they include a lot of regular wellness care services!

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The Listed Procedures Include...

 ✔️  Superficial Heat

✔️  Massage, Acupuntcure & Chiropractic

✔️  Stretching & Yoga

✔️  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

✔️  Fitness & Exercise

And more! 

[B]oth mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive behavioral therapy proved more effective than “usual care” in relieving chronic low back pain and improving patients’ function.
— Dr. Daniel Cherkin (Lead Researcher, Kaiser Permanente Washington)

It is amazing how quick our medical culture is to prescribe pain meds or to recommend surgery for pain.  Both forms of treatment have their place and can offer symptom relief or help correct a problem, but we often forget to consider the natural remedies available for pain because we are instead blinded by the prospect of a 'quick fix'. Just remember, pain meds (Opioids in particular) can be the root of additional ailments like addiction and depression. This is why it is so great to see treatment guidelines for pain shifting towards what has been considered alternative care in the past.  Just because it is alternative does not mean that it's not proven or that it's not scientific... You are your own greatest Health advocate!.


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