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TBT: The Fight Against Opioids

In 2015, 15,000 people were reported to have lost their lives due to prescription opioids overdose.


⇰ A petition has been filed to ban daily-dose prescriptions that are above 90 milligrams of morphine

⇰ The CDC reported that high-level doses do not improve pain control or the ability to function

⇰Opana ER has been pulled from the market this past July after an HIV and hepatitis C outbreak. 

President Trump is now declaring that opioid abuse is a national epidemic.  There will be a ton of fall out around the decisions made on how to fix this problem, but hopefully we can arrive at better and more holistic treatment options.  Remember, TMS Therapy is a proven and more effective alternative to pharmaceuticals! 

(Even though it is still only FDA Approved for MDD)


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