TBT: New Brain Stimulator to Enhance Performance

They [Navy SEALS] want to build and maintain these amazing physical skills, but do so just as efficiently as possible.
— Bret Wingeier, Halo Co-founder


🎧  A passive brain stimulator from the creators of Halo is being tested on its efficacy to increase physical performance ability. 

🎧   The silicon spikes on the band emit electrical impulses that stimulate the motor cortex. It is         intended to increase the "neuroplasticity" of the brain and make individuals more receptive to training. 

🎧  The device hopes to make training shorter and more efficient for Navy SEALS and those looking to enhance their physical performance. 


Studies within the last decade have already indicated improvements in visual sensitivity and overall perception pre and post TMS Therapy.  

The idea is that stimulating certain parts of the brain helps the synapses of the neurons in that area better connect to exchange information.  The rate at which this information is exchanged can have slight, yet distinct effects on performance which is why we are seeing more diverse, task-specific application of electromagnetic stimulation to the brain. Naturally athletes and military personnel can benefit greatly if this technology is administered appropriately and with proper protocols.  Currently, the only FDA-approved protocol is for depression.  Hopefully we will see that change in the near future.  


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