TBT: The Happiness Equation

Mo Gawdat lost his son 10 years ago and has made it his mission to solve happiness as a mathematical equation since then.  And much of his numerical research actually points to the power of now which is why he urges people to live in the moment and with intent.

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Q: You weren’t able to find joy in your life. Is finding joy a skill that should be taught?
A: Absolutely. Happiness is very much like staying fit. You start with the decision that you are going to get fit, you find out how – but knowing that is not enough, you have to go to the gym to work out and eat healthily. To me the whole topic of happiness is exactly the same.
— Excerpt from Mo's Interview with The Guardian

A Full-Length Interview with Mo can be seen in the video below 👇


Take it from Mo. There are lots of diverse resources to keep the mind and brain fit!