Wellness Wednesday: Water

13 bottle test to see if drinking water is acidic or alkaline. Video does not take into account flouridation or other contaminants.

The pH of Water?

  • Acidic, soft, water has a pH <6.5 and can contain metal ions such as iron, manganese, copper, lead, and zinc. Acidic water can cause premature damage to metal piping ("PH Values of Water"). 
  • Alkaline, hard, water has a pH > 8.5 and has not shown to pose any health risks except on individuals with kidney health issues due to questioning about calcification of organs over long periods of time ("PH Values of Water").  Spring water, which collects the minerals of rocks it passes over such as calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate,  is thought to be the healthiest source of alkaline water (Barron, 2017).

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Potential Health Benefits

  • Need to lower your cholesterol, blood glucose, or blood pressure? In 2001 "Shanghai Journal of Protective Medicine" found that participants in a study that drank alkaline water for 3 to 6 months had improvements in all of the following health areas (Barron, 2017).

  • It is assumed that the minerals often found in alkaline water are the reasoning behind the claimed health benefits, as they are responsible for buffering acids found and released into the bloodstream. For athletes, fatigue can be combatted with hydration.

With such limited information available, it’s no wonder consumers are confused. What we do know is that too much or too little alkaline can cause serious harm to the body. Therefore, as with most things, moderation is key.
— Dr. Axe

Stay hydrated, and be wary of health claims made on the internet in the age of misinformation, particularly from those marketing their own products.  Always check where research funding comes from too in order to evaluate any potential biases.  

Cross-referencing information from multiple sources is the best way to find authenticity in wellness.  


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