Welcome, Dr. Lewis!


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Dr. Tameika Lewis may have a new home, but she is not new to the field of Gynecology. After starting out in a traditional practice in Kissimmee, Dr. Lewis decided to try a new delivery of care that would not require 'bottom lines and quotas'. Her forward thinking is in line with our own philosophy at The Healing House, which is why we are pleased to have her on board at our downtown Orlando facility.

Dr. Lewis' unconventional direct-to-consumer practice allows her clients to purchase memberships for reduced costs, and she is also open to bartering for care.  She even provides free botox for your birthday! Dr. Lewis credits her courage and insight to her strong Christian faith and upbringing, and she takes pride in helping her community by means of service. Welcome to the alternative community, Dr. Lewis!



“I want to show people that they can do it...There are so many creative ways to start a practice.” - Dr. Lewis



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