Wellness Wednesday: High-Functioning Depression and Anxiety

Signs of High-Functioning Depression and Anxiety

 🏃 Unrealistic self-expectations

🏃  The inability to feel pleasure 

🏃  Constant self-doubt

🏃 The inability to be still for fear of wasting time

🏃  Substance abuse issues

Check out a great piece on High-Functioning Anxiety in the video from The Mighty below:

Nobody is immune from depression and anxiety. Genetic makeup is the physiological driver, and then each person experiences the intensity of depression and/or anxiety at different phases of life due to environmental influences and the stressors of life.

Sometimes the ego can undermine the proper support for these conditions by protecting the mind with task-driven tunnel vision.  That is, if you don't stop to reflect on behavior, then you don't have to deal with it.  And you can then hide from it until it is a more serious problem.  It's always important to be mindful and to reflect on the journey of life so that you can get the most out of it - depression and anxiety free!  


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