Wellness Wednesday: Morning Routines

Morning routine for the CEO of Twitter includes:

1. Meditating for 30 minutes. 

2. Working out 30minutes. 

3. Drinks coffee. 

4. Checks Twitter for the news.

5. Walks for an hour to work. 

For Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, wellness is his top priority.  And while business success has helped make it possible for Jack to have time in the day to focus on his own well-being, he claims that it's also the very thing that allows him to stay on top of his game.  Daily routine requires great discipline any way you cut it, and few succeed without it.   

It's important to note how Jack only uses Twitter as a part of his morning routine to read the news. Social media is truly revolutionary the way we are able to connect to almost anyone in the world within seconds! But this kind of accessibility can also be very consuming, so keep social media on your own terms.  Customize it, and use it how you want to.  But then carve out time to give your mind a break and an opportunity to unplug from technology.  This helps avoid things like focus fatigue and anxiety.

 😌 😌 😌


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