Motivation Monday: Reprocess, Refocus, & Restart!

The weekend is over, but we're here to give you motivation to make it to the next! Yoga has both mental and physical benefits such as decreasing stress and will provide you with a little alone time to focus and recharge for the week ahead. Here are some beginner level poses that we chose for you to try out today!

1) Child Pose (also called balasna) :

  • reduces stress and fatigue
  • targets the hips, thighs, ankles, and back/torso
  • tip: those with recent knee injuries should take caution before practicing this pose. pregnant women can try a wide-legged variation in which the belly will not be pressed into the thighs

2) Standing Forward Bent (uttanasana) :

  • reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue
  • stretches hips, hamstrings, and calves
  • strengthens legs and abdomen 
  • tip: remember to allow your body to release tension in the neck/back/shoulders

3) Extended Triangle Pose (utthita trikonasana) :

  • reduce lower back pain and stress while improving digestion
  • stretches hamstrings, groin, and hips
  • tip: extend the torso fully. hinge at the hips to prevent straining of the waist

4) Standing Warrior (virabhadrasana

  • reduces sciatica (nerve pain in the lower back extending through hips and legs) while improving concentration
  • stretches entire front side of body, thighs, shoulders, neck, back, and ankles
  • tip: reduce distractions by concentrating on your foundation and building the pose from the ground up

**It is important to remember to breath consciously and modify these poses as needed to increase comfort, support, and safety**

Itching for more yoga? Try this quick 5 minute video hosted by Adriene to get your Monday started on the right foot!

We encourage all of our clients to integrate yoga into their daily regime


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