Custom Treatment Metrics ✓


What do you want to accomplish?

We meet with every client individually on the front end of care to determine treatment goals.  This allows us to define measurable objectives so that our progress metrics provide something quantifiable to take away from our program.


 Our metrics reports always integrate standardized questionnaires which incorporate DSM-V diagnostic criteria for depression and anxiety, but we also track custom Mind Measurables so that our team can help target particular goals and/or symptoms based on client input. This custom tracking system was designed to keep an open line of communication between providers and clients, and it also draws from the capabilities of each of the service technologies that we use (NeuroStar, BioSound, Far-Infrared) in order to optimize the delivery of care from these platforms.  


Clinical input is provided each week from our staff meetings so that we always have a current care summary and are ensuring collaborative care efforts.  Proper metrics reinforce our commitment to service and success!

Check out an example of a Progress Metrics report below👇